Your teeth play an essential role in the body. The digestion process is made easier because of the teeth. Food is crushed and ground into small particles which makes them easily digestible. Taking food in whole amounts can bring about digestion problems leading to stomach pains. They are divided into different types each with their purpose. We do have the incisors, canines, molars, and premolars. The molars are meant for chewing, crushing while the premolars tear and grind food. Canines provide that grip when tearing food and the incisors help in cutting to small pieces.  You should take care of your teeth to see them grow strong and healthy.

There are dental care centers you can visit for an oral checkup. Emergency Dental YYC offers a 24-hour dental care service for any damage to your 002teeth. This part of the body is sensitive and can break or fall off if hit or knocked by a blunt object. Visit a dental center immediately after an accident to have your dental formula restored. Keeping your teeth clean on a daily basis is one hygiene practice that will keep you away from dental illnesses. One is also advised to conduct regular checkups. Here is why regular dental checkups can impact your oral health positively.


Prevents gum disease

The formation of plaque can bring about gum disease. You will have swollen gums and at times bleed while brushing your teeth. It can also lead to the inflammation of the gums. Regular dental visits will ensure your guns are okay because your dentist will check on them and give you the proper procedures of taking care of them.


Improves self-esteem

Many might shy away from the public because of stained teeth. It can also prevent them from wearing that beautiful smile they need. Bad breath might force you to always stay silent before people. Regular dental checkups will ensure you stay free from any oral problem that may steal your public confidence.


Maintains good health

003You may be exposed to several non-oral diseases because of poor dental hygiene practices. Strokes and heart attacks have been linked to gum disease. Gum disease can give room for bacteria to enter the bloodstream where they can cause blood clots and lead to heart attack. Regular checkups will ensure proper care of your gums, therefore, preventing heart disease.