People of all shapes and sizes are affected by hypertension. The lifestyle disease spreads fast and affects even children and adolescents. The online pharmacy believes many adolescents are not aware they have hypertension problems and live with stressful lives not knowing there are practical solutions at hand. People prevent too much salt from being absorbed in the body thereby controlling hypertension levels.

Causes of hypertension

Some hidden dangers are existing in the home one has to be aware of. People over the age of 55 years are more susceptiblehnv53re5dt762ye5 to hypertension In fact; there is 90% likelihood of developing it at later stages of life even if earlier indications of hypertension were not present. Lack of exercise, improper food habits, and being overweight are the most reasonable conditions to develop the lifestyle disease. However, some relatively less known hypertension risk factors exist in the home.

Habitual Consumption of Over-The-Counter Medication

People liberally consume non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as an easy resolution without having to pay a visit to the doctor. In time, it becomes a habit which is difficult to dislodge. Individuals begin experimenting with different drugs. Statistics show individuals consume more than one painkiller on a daily basis. One in 20 adults consumes approximately six painkillers for minor illnesses leading to inflammation and pain. Aspirin and ibuprofen are some of the most commonly used painkillers.

Liberal Use of Decongestants

Medications commonly used for cold and flu are decongestants like phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine that are known to affect hypertension. For example, decongestants work by forcing blood vessels to constrict thereby reducing blood flow to affected parts of the body like inflamed sinuses. People suffering from uncontrolled hypertension will find even the temporary rise in hypertension quite damaging. Generic Benicar HCT from our online pharmacy is an effective hypertension deterrent.

Taking in Sweets and Candies Containing Liquorice

People suffering from hypertension must avoid sweets and candies containing liquorice. The extract contains the active ingredient glycyrrhizin which is nearly 40 times sweeter than sucrose. It has medical benefits in that it is the very potent anti-viral agent but has an adamant effect on hypertension as well. For instance, approximately 50 g of liquorice is sufficient to raise hypertension in patients whereas around 200 g raises hypertension in normal people as well.

Glycyrrhizic acid also prevents the body’s hormone system from actually preventing adverse effects of the stress hormone Cortisol. gvc2f3e5dt4e24wrd6y26The body begins retaining more sodium and less potassium increasing sensitivity to salt in the food. Ineffectiveness of the stress hormone along with salt sensitivity can cause unwanted surges in hypertension readings almost instantly.

Bleeding Gums Causes Hypertension Spurts

Swollen gums are often a sign of ineffective dental hygiene. Studies show bleeding gums can directly increase a risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and stroke by nearly 100% as compared to people with healthy gums. With approximately half the adult population suffering from swollen or bleeding gums, a risk of periodontal disease is also very high.

Controlling these unwanted conditions in the home is bound to improve resistance to hypertension