Benefits Of The Stem Cell Facelift

The stem cell rejuvenation procedure is ideal for individuals who wish to have a non-surgical facelift. It is convenient for individuals experiencing moderate aging or for those who have undergone unsuccessful surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. Importantly, the stem cell facelift is customized to meet an individual’s aging process giving one a naturally youthful contoured skin improvement. The effectiveness of the stem cell procedure on treating optimal aging has been credited by the industry’s best as revolutionary and is known to have very minimal effects on the patient. The following are some of the benefits of the stem cell facelift procedure;

Safe procedure


Stem Cell facelift procedure is considered to be safe as it does not involve surgical operations such as face cutting. Moreover, the healing process is quicker compared to other conventional face lifting procedures and gives the face a natural youthful appearance for a very long time. Moreover, it uses stem cells as building blocks for tissue rejuvenation and growth. Moreover, the harvesting is done by the same individual hence the fear of infections is sorted allowing one to enjoy the desired contouring in the desired areas mostly on the face, hands, neck and the whole body. The stem cell ability to change into other types of body cells is effective in repairing damaged and worn out cells thereby replacing aging cells amicably.

Better skin tone

The stem cell facelift procedure ensures that the distribution of the stem cells is done evenly thereby it gives an even skin tone. Moreover, it improves the skin’s pigmentation thereby no cases of scarring or occurrence of blemish is experienced. Moreover, the procedure uses the fat from the body hence no foreign agents are added to the face, and it lasts for an average five (5) years.

Rejuvenates the skin’s regenerative process

The stem cell facelift involves fat grafting that eliminates excess body fat. Since the adipose tissue contains the stem cells that are transferred to the face, it becomes easy to regenerate facial cells thereby enhancing the natural healing process and addresses the damaged skin tissue in a rapid manner. Moreover, the new stem cells promote the generation of healthy tissue giving the face a more rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Eliminates loose skin


Being a non-surgical procedure, the stem cell facelift uses a vertical approach which serves to reposition the patient’s facial muscle and tissue into their vertical youthful, natural position. This gives the face a smooth, youthful looking appearance and volumized skin that resembles youthful plumpness. The stem cell facelift procedure uses the injected fat to smooth the fine lines and smooth wrinkles to achieve a tight skin.