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Vegan – To Be Or Not To Be

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Going vegan or not? That is the question many  ask themselves

Going vegan or not? That is the question many ask themselves

Vegan diet is a diet in which the person does not eat any animal forms of products including meat, dairy products and eggs. It is actually a form of vegetarian. The main difference between a vegetarian is that he or she might eat dairy products or eggs, a vegan will not consume even the dairy product and eggs or any products that have to do anything with animals. All those people who take vegan diet are also known as vegans and the concept is known as “Veganism”.

What does it include and exclude?

A vegan diet includes all plants and vegetables like beans, spinach corn etc. It excludes those entire products that have animal as its source like milk, other dairy products, eggs, meat and honey. Some vegans also go to the extent of not using any products that are animal based like wool, leather and fur.

Why should you be a vegan?

Should you go vegan?

Should you go vegan?

If you look at it, there are many advantages of a vegan diet. The first advantage is that scientists have shown and proved that people on vegan diet are less likely to suffer from heart and cancer diseases. This is due to intake of low cholesterol food. Moreover, vegan diet contains high amount of anti oxidants, which helps in the oxidation process of the body and taking out toxins. It also increases the immunity system. Some scientists believe that having dairy products are not meant for humans and it leads to over growth of organs. Moreover, vegans are also known to have lower level of hypertension and lesser amount of kidney diseases. Lastly, vegans help the environment in a great way. Animals are hoarded and treated inhumanly to get the maximum out of them and vegans discourage the use of animals for any such use.

Why should you not be a vegan?

Go vegan

If you go vegan do it carefully

While vegan is a good and healthy diet, there are some cons also. Firstly, it is difficult to get all the nutrients required by your body in a vegan diet. No intake of dairy product results in lesser intake of calcium, which is required by the body. However, scientists argue the authenticity of calcium in dairy products. However, protein found in meat and eggs is much more than protein found in vegetarian products. Protein is an essential for your body. Other nutrients like omega 3 found in eggs and fishes are not richly found in the vegetarian counter parts. However, these are just some of the cons, which can be over come by taking supplements in tablets.

Therefore, to go vegan or not depends entirely on one’s choice and needs. Even though going vegan requires a lot of self-control, the benefit of vegan diet seems to outweigh the disadvantages. A trend is catching up fast, but you should consult your physician or dietician before contemplating the idea of going vegan so that you do not miss the important nutrients.

Reasons Why Your Credit Score May Not Matter

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How important is  your credit score?

How important is your credit score?

There are many people who worry about their credit score. The credit report that you get have many interpretations resulting to different credit scores. There have been studies conducted on the accuracy and consistency of the credit scores and it has been found out that score factors and credit report can be as important as credit score. People place unnecessary importance on credit score which should not be the case because of the following reasons.

First, as long as your credit is reported accurately, you need not worry. Whatever score that you get based on the credit report, will surely show the lenders your creditworthiness. When you have a consistent and accurate report, your score will still look good on the lender. You must therefore aim to improve your credit report accuracy rather than worry on your credit score. If your report is good, everything else including your scores will be excellent.

Keep your debts to a minimum

Keep your debts to a minimum

The old saying still holds true. You must keep your debts to a minimum, pay you’re your dues on time and refrain from opening another account so that you credit score will improve. This will not improve your credit score. It will also give you different management strategies that you can follow whether or not you have a score or none. You must understand the area where you are weak in your credit report so that you can find ways to improve your score. To those who are looking for their credit report, you can print for free at the

In addition to your credit score, lenders would also look at different sources of financial evaluation which could include custom application scores and behavioral scores. These metrics are usually not available to the public so it still pays to be financially sound like paying the bills on time and having manageable debts. Credit scores also are not reliable all the time because the source of their data can change quickly. There is a possibility that the data can change on a daily basis. Credit scores can also change on a daily basis. By the time the lender sees the score during an evaluation, it might not be the accurate score.

On top of that, lenders have different interpretations of the credit score. In fact, there are different interpretations even on the same lender but on a different credit program. There are specific scenarios where they can score cutoffs for their customers. There are still many people who don’t know anything about credit so the secret about credit evaluation still remains a secret until now.

Don't worry so much about your credit score

Don’t worry so much about your credit score

In conclusion, don’t focus on your credit score. Experts emphasize the importance of paying the bills on time, cutting on your expenses and avoid accumulating large debts. When you follow these practices, your credit score will slowly increase without you knowing it. Take time also to study your credit report. You can even ask opinion from the experts so you’ll know what you can do to improve your credit score.

Pay Off Your Student Loan Faster

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You have graduated from college. What´s next?

You have graduated from college. What´s next?

A large section of the college graduates use student loans to fund their education. It is an easy and effective way to pay for college dues without having to cut short on your budget. Students are expected to start paying off their loan 6 months after the end of college sessions. At this point of life they are expected to be working at a reputed firm where they can earn enough money by exploiting their knowledge to support themselves so the funding organizations expect them to initiate the installments so that they can get their money back.

You cannot pay off your loan overnight so you need to come up with a strategic plan to make the process smooth and easy for your sake. Here are some effective tips to help you schedule your student loan installments to pay it off faster and get the burden off of your chest:

Make more frequent payments

You need to start making loan payments

You need to start making loan payments

To pay off the loan without making it difficult for yourself to make both ends meet, you need to lessen the amount of interest on the loan. By making more frequent payments, you’ll ensure that less interest is applied as there will be shorter time differences between two consecutive payments, allowing you to pay only what you necessarily have to. The amount of applicable interest on an installment increases as it gets far away from the previous installment. You can plan your repayment plan in such a way to avoid increasing the interest rate.

Draw out a better budget and save money

How you pay off your loan depends on your budget. To make smooth payments, you need to draw out your budget wisely so that you can save enough to pay off your installments without having to borrow money from elsewhere to close the books on this loan. By writing down every transaction you make, you can figure out which of your expenses are unnecessary so that your money can be saved and utilized to make the installments. The more money you save, the more you can use to pay the installments. Making bigger payments will help you pay off faster than the original plan.

Earn more to keep your financials in order

Save money to pay your student loan

Save money to pay your student loan

Of course it’s not easy to earn a lot of money right after graduation but the hanging sword of student loan won’t give you much of a choice. You can make extra money without jeopardizing your future at your current job. You can take side jobs to earn a little more to contribute towards the installments. A lot of students take freelance projects in order to make a little more money. You can do that to collect money to pay for your loan. You can work on 2-3 hours daily on such projects or side jobs after work to make a little more money to pay back the loan.

The above tips can help you pay off the loan in a shorter time to help you focus on priorities other than the student loan in the near future.